Torgoviy Dom Evrasia LLC (TDE LLC) - is the international company, the qualified supplier of high-quality gloves of the mediOk trademark and other disposable products to the territory of the Russian Federation, the countries of the Eurasian Customs Union EACU and other countries. We produce our commodities only at the factories of recognized leaders in the global disposable gloves industry from Malaysia, China, Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia.

Being one of the leaders of glove market in Russia, our company remains the most dynamically developing companies. mediOk products are widely used in various business areas, such as: medicine, beauty industry, food industry, catering, HoReCa, cleaning and others. To be closer to our customers and provide the best service, our offices and warehouses are available for you in the Russian Far East (Khabarovsk), as well as in other countries - Kazakhstan (Almaty) and Germany (Cologne).

Over many years of hard work, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner. The quality of mediOk products has been highly appreciated among a wide range of our regular customers. We are highly customer-oriented company. That’s why we are considering all possible forms of cooperation in the field of disposable gloves business, both Russian and international.

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Disposable gloves

Latex (natural rubber) – is a natural material obtained from the juice of the rubber tree Hevea, common in the Southeast Asian countries. Gloves made of natural latex have unsurpassed elasticity and a level of tactile sensitivity. Despite the rapid development of the production of synthetic gloves, gloves made of natural latex continue to hold their positions in the global share of consumption, thanks to their properties and a more favorable price. The main areas of application of latex gloves are medicine and cosmetology.

Nitrile (nitrile-butadiene latex) — is a synthetic analogue of natural rubber. Compared to latex gloves Nitrile gloves create more reliable barrier to protect against aggressive chemicals. These gloves are less sensitive to environmental impact, which makes them more resistant to punctures and breakings. They have high properties of elasticity and tactile sensitivity. An important advantage of nitrile is hypoallergenic properties, due to the absence of natural proteins in its composition that can cause an allergic reaction. Due to their versatility and strength, nitrile gloves are in the greatest demand for the widest fields of application.

Vinyl (PVC - polyvinyl chloride) gloves. Vinyl gloves are ideal for manipulations with a low level of physical impact and the risk of infection. They have a thin, durable and touch pleasant structure. It’s hypoallergenic. They do not contain natural latex. They are widely used in the food industry, the beauty industry and different kind of manufacturing.

A thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a polymer material with rubber properties. TPE gloves are ideal and cost-effective alternative to vinyl gloves. They are very touchable, have high elasticity and strength, and a reliable fixation of the cuff on the wrist. It prevents slipping and penetration of liquid under the cuff. Gloves are widely used in the beauty industry, in the food industry, in HoReCa, cleaning and in everyday life.

HDPE (Low - pressure polyethylene) - polyethylene gloves are a necessary thing in everyday life for working with food products, cleaning the room, etc. Also, plastic gloves are actively used in crowded places – supermarkets, gas stations, banks, shopping centers, etc.

Vitryl (vinyl+nitrile blend) gloves. The basis of this material is vinyl with admixture in the composition of nitrile butadiene fraction. This combination let the vitrile glove to have all the advantages of vinyl, complemented by the elasticity and sensitivity of nitrile. VITRYLE gloves are a profitable alternative to nitrile gloves for use in conditions that do not require a high level of strength and resistance to aggressive chemicals.

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